Traveller's Toolkit

Your tools for a Zero Impact Adventure

  • Want to minimise your impact but don’t know how?
  • Trying to do the right thing but regularly finding conflicting information and opinion?
  • Snowed-under with endless news and articles that explain too much the problem and never the solution?

We at ZIA know exactly how you feel (we’ve been there ourselves) and so we’ve put together the Traveller’s Toolkit: 6 simple Impact Categories each with a bunch of ZIA-approved tools, apps, articles and tips & tricks to help you on your journey towards a zero impact adventure..!

Think we’re missing something important? Whether you’ve got your own top tips or would like to suggest a product/service/other then please get in touch now to let us know – we welcome guest writers and editors too; why not join the team!

Impact categories

Travel & Carbon offsetting

Carbon calculators, 'eco' travel agencies rated, articles on the ethics of travel, fly less campaigns and more....

Equipment & Clothing

Environmentally friendly kit and tips on how to make your gear last longer - time to jump off the consumer treadmill!

Digital & Apps

Some of the best apps to help you on your ZIA journey plus loads more on the impacts of social media on how we travel

Food & Recycling

Facts and figures on food and it's impact on our world plus all those recycling tips for when you're away​

Social Activism

The only way we can avert climate change  is through structural change. Some of the ways you can have the biggest impact of all

Adventurer's Pledge

Learn about why we came up with the ZIA adventurer's pledge and take it yourself!

Latest toolkit tips & articles