Expedition details

Our expedition takes us some 300 miles over 41 days unsupported across North East Greenland pulling sleds weighing up to 100kg. We will be entirely isolated for the duration and will attempt two first summits of previously unclimbed mountains en route (800 stand atop Everest every year). We will be burning roughly 5000kcal a day – but only have enough space to carry 4500 per day. Daily threats will include winds above 60mph, temperatures of -30c and more… (not to mention the occasional polar bear). We leave the UK in the middle of March 2021 on the toughest challenge any of us have ever undertaken.

Documenting our zero impact journey & our need for support

Greenland is by area the worlds largest island. Despite this, with less than 60,000 inhabitants it is also the least densely populated country in the world.

Sadly however it also has one of the most plastic polluted oceans, with nearly all the rubbish coming from us in Europe. The glaciers are melting at an unprecedented rate and the devastating effects of climate change are becoming more prevalent each year.

This is the story we want to tell.

By filming our journey over 6 weeks we hope to showcase both the natural beauty of the country, and the effect that our affluent Western lifestyles are having on it. If you would like to help support our trip please Get involved here.

Some of our arctic training in Norway - cold!

what about climate damage?

Needless to say, travelling to Greenland by air will have an environmental impact. To counter the effect of this, we have committed to offsetting all the carbon emissions from the expedition by three times the amount. (to find out more about Carbon Offsetting and why we do what we do please click here) Flying and emitting CO2 is never great, but if you’re going to do it, make sure you offset!

We are taking a mixture of vegan and vegetarian food for the entire expedition and have carefully chosen the suppliers of our kit and clothing so that they have minimal environmental impact.

Remember that positive change starts at home but only by engaging with forces larger than ourselves are we going to be able to tackle climate change and be successful environmentalists. See our toolkit to learn more.

The Expedition Team

Tom Reynolds


Tom hates writing these biographies but will try his best.

After leaving the RAF a number of dead end jobs and a chance reading of Ranulph Fiennes’ autobiography left Tom convinced there must be more to life and started chasing adventures small and very small wherever they came.

Thanks to the “inspiration” from reading that book Tom has since raised over £10,000 for various charities whilst on expeditions and has been cold, wet and tired on 4 continents so far – thanks a lot Ran.

Tom now lives in Chamonix where he makes the swathe of amateur climbers look actually quite good.

A proud owner of all the gear but no idea; Tom can’t wait for the expedition to Greenland to raise money for a good cause and go on a genuine adventure with his best friend.

James Van Der Hoorn

'Adventurer / Public Speaker'

James is a double Guinness World Record holder, motivational speaker and adventurer.

He has cycled the length of Europe, led an arctic expedition through Norway and completed the Marathon des Sables, a self sufficient ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert. He’s cycled over 300 miles in 24 hours through 7 countries; flown a plane to 12 countries in a single day and raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

With qualifications in Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Rock Climbing he hopes to inspire others to undertake yearly challenges and do their bit to protect the environment.

Charlotte Workman

Adventurer & Documentary Maker

Charlotte Workman is a professional photographer, outdoor guide and owner of eco-business ‘The Adventure Photographers‘.

She has a strong passion for promoting sustainable practices in the outdoor industry and reconnecting people with nature.

Her clients include Petzl, Openwear and NRS among a multitude of adventure companies, and her work has appeared in international film festivals, Vice and the New York Post.