Social Activism

Probably the greatest tool we have in the fight against climate change...

What is social activism? “Intentional action to bring about social, political, economic, or environmental change.”

The hard truth:
While everything we do at home to reduce our impact is a great place to start more will need to be done than some of us flying a bit less or being diligent in our home recycling to avert climate change. (see to work out your footprint as a citizen of your country for an explanation). The very structures on which we have built our society our failing us and they are failing the planet. 

Those larger changes will have to come at a structural level and with the various governments of the world having failed to change these for so long many experts now argue that social activism will be the most potent tool in our ongoing battle against climate disaster.

So what can we do?
We can support these social activist movements either with our time or through donations or by getting involved in various protests. See some of the ZIA team’s favourite groups opposite and check the links for a quick guide to activism – and trust us: activism is an adventure for sure and you’ll meet some wonderful people along the way!

Donate to activist causes now:

(climate change movements are our most preferred social cause here at ZIA and so we recommend 2 movements linked to that, be sure to search out your own causes too)

Organisations we support:

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