What is Plastic Relief?

You may have heard that the oceans are filling up with plastic, but how full exactly? A study from 2010 estimated that around 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the ocean every year¹. With plastic production worldwide skyrocketing every year, this figure has only gone upwards; and given how light plastic is, this translates to an unimaginably large amount of waste floating in our oceans.

We are campaigning the following three principles in an attempt to bring about lasting change.


Every single day 7 million plastic lined cups are disposed of in the UK. These are used just once, they then quickly make their way into the nearest bin. Ultimately they end up buried underground, or even worse discarded into our oceans. Only 0.2% of cups are currently recycled.

Changing Behaviour

As part of our campaign called "Plastic Relief" we are trying to educate individuals and corporations to "Do the right thing" when it comes to plastic usage. This means using reusable cups, bringing your own bag for shopping and declining single-use plastics such as drinking straws and stirrers.


We believe that through raising awareness of the damaging effects on the environment this can influence the public's behaviour. By travelling to Greenland we intend to showcase first hand the 'seas of plastic', and through the follow-up documentary bring this to a wider audience.

Single Use?

Isn't it crazy that in the 21st century with so many advanced technologies we are still choosing to use such a damaging and short lifespan material, just for the sake of convenience?

Bring a cup save the world

Every time you bring your own cup, that's one less disposable cup that may end up in the ocean. You're reducing waste, and saving money!

Looking for a suitable Reusable cup?

We have a limited number of collapsible, reusable and super-stylish silicone cups for sale. They come in a variety of colours and are completely leak-proof. To order one please contact us directly using the ‘contact’ page – or you can order yours by following this super easy link: paypal.me/plasticrelief