Like diamonds, plastics are forever. The tons of plastic that are dumped into the ocean float around, swirling on currents, breaking into smaller bits, never going away.

There are many, many excellent ways to reduce the amount of single-use plastic we consume every day, here are just 6 suggestions to help you on your way.

  • Stop using plastic straws
    • In the US and UK 550 million are thrown away every single day
  • Stop using plastic bottles. – Use reusable bottles or mugs
    • Worldwide, over 500 million plastic bottles are used every year
  • Take your own bag for your shopping
    • Over 1 trillion plastic bags are discarded every year
  • If you have a baby….don’t use disposable nappies
    • Over 40 billion disposible nappies are thrown away every year
  • Stop using disposable razors
    • Over 2 billion are thrown away every year
  • Don’t use products with microbeads.
      • There are over 300,000 plastic beads in a tube of facewash