Food and Recycling

Eat less meat and recycle what you can...

Of all our toolkit categories this is probably the one people know most about already. Recycling (and particularly plastic) is a hot topic in the press – and so it should be – and recent releases from various bodies suggesting that eating less meat would benefit both our health and the environment have been hugely helpful in this space.

Rather than retread ground our food and recycling section focuses more on some cool ideas on both fronts that maybe not everybody knows about, as well as some useful links to some of the best and most up to date articles of course!

Thee’s so much great community stuff out there already – if you see something we’ve missed then be sure to get in touch through any of our channels to let us know. Furthermore we’re always looking for new partners so if you think ZIA matches with what you or your organisation is doing then give us a shout.

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