From adventure to Environmentalism:
Our story so far..


For many years the Zero Impact Adventures team has been going on adventures big and small at home and abroad. More recently we have become increasingly concerned about the impact our lifestyles are having on our planet. After further research we found ways to continue exploring the world whilst reducing our contribution to climate damage, and we are here to share them with you.

How we started ZIA

We started ZIA to show that travel and climate-damage do not go hand in hand. The initial concept was to demonstrate by example, that we could still travel the world and appreciate new cultures, whilst still remaining environmentally responsible and without leaving behind a huge carbon footprint. We truly believe that through harbouring our adventurous spirit and love for the outdoors we can be part of big social change. (Please check out Protect Our Winters ‘POW’ – we love the work they’re doing!) and see our Zero Impact Toolkit for all the best advice we’ve collected around the web into one place for minimising your own impact. 

Be part of the story

To help our project grow we need as much support as we can gather. Whether through kit suppliers, donations, corporate sponsorship or simply with a like for what we´re doing on our social media channels please do get involved!


Our Ethos

“Many of the exciting destinations we travel to around the world are fragile and beautiful. Often the environments we visit are reliant on tourism, and we explore them to admire their beauty and to appreciate new cultures.

But these adventures can cause much greater impact than we may be aware of. Often disrupting eco-systems, cultures and entire ways of life.

In every journey we take, we all have a responsibility to minimise our footprint. Through engagement, awareness and education we can even have a positive influence.

Zero Impact Adventures give you the tools to make that possible”

The Expedition Team

Tom Reynolds


Tom hates writing these biographies but will try his best.

After leaving the RAF a number of dead end jobs and a chance reading of Ranulph Fiennes’ autobiography left Tom convinced there must be more to life and started chasing adventures small and very small wherever they came.

Thanks to the “inspiration” from reading that book Tom has since raised over £10,000 for various charities whilst on expeditions and has been cold, wet and tired on 4 continents so far – thanks a lot Ran.

Tom now lives in Chamonix where he makes the swathe of amateur climbers look actually quite good.

A proud owner of all the gear but no idea; Tom can’t wait for the expedition to Greenland to raise money for a good cause and go on a genuine adventure with his best friend.

James Van Der Hoorn

'Adventurer / Public Speaker'

James is a double Guinness World Record holder, motivational speaker and adventurer.

He has cycled the length of Europe, led an arctic expedition through Norway and completed the Marathon des Sables, a self sufficient ultra marathon through the Sahara Desert. He’s cycled over 300 miles in 24 hours through 7 countries; flown a plane to 12 countries in a single day and raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

With qualifications in Skydiving, Scuba Diving, Kayaking and Rock Climbing he hopes to inspire others to undertake yearly challenges and do their bit to protect the environment.

Charlotte Workman

Adventurer & Documentary Maker

Charlotte Workman is a professional photographer, outdoor guide and owner of eco-business ‘The Adventure Photographers‘.

She has a strong passion for promoting sustainable practices in the outdoor industry and reconnecting people with nature.

Her clients include Petzl, Openwear and NRS among a multitude of adventure companies, and her work has appeared in international film festivals, Vice and the New York Post.


Adventure can be conducted without negatively impacting our environment. We give you the tools to help you on your own journey of minimalist impact.


Bringing the lessons learnt from zero impact adventures into our daily lives so that our impact is greatly reduced in how we live every day.


Through community, educational talks, our social campaigns and ongoing honest discussion we hope to create real and lasting change to reduce the impact that all of us are having on our world.