Our Documentary

System change vs individual guilt; A story that needs to be told

The belief that this enormous, existential problem could have been fixed if all of us had just tweaked our consumptive habits is not only preposterous; it’s dangerous.”

Mary Annaïse Heglar, Climate essayist

Our Documentary and story

Set against the backdrop of one of the most stunning regions on earth, our film aims to redress the misconception that individual choices and habits will solve climate change. Given the amount of misleading consumer information to the contrary, we believe it is a story that needs to be told.

James and I, like all of us, are hypocrites.

Although our entire expedition and documentary film making process is carbon neutral, we still have an effect on the planet and our environment.  This does not – and should not – stop us, or anyone, from campaigning to protect our planet. While we fight amongst ourselves over who is ‘greener than thou,’ or dare not speak up at all for fear of being labelled hypocrites, powerful companies and governments – whose interests lie only in the short term – gleefully carry on as normal. 


The documentary will feature invited climate scientists and campaign experts to debunk various myths and provide a transformative 4 step plan to anyone aspiring to care more effectively for our planet. 

We’ve all started to realise that putting our plastic bottles in the correct recycling bin or changing the light bulbs, isn’t going to be enough (and working together is fun anyway). It’s time to start talking about it too!


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Shot by Hamish, our professional cameraman for the expedition and all round legend!