Fuelled by firepot – outdoor food review (plus shop links!)

Fuelled by firepot – outdoor food review (plus shop links!)

Made in a Dorset barn, Firepot Food is healthy, nutritious, lightweight and delicious – James and I approve it for any adventure, big or small! Having tested it on an arctic training expedition in Norway we are now using Firepot food for all our adventures, and they’ll be the fuel we use to power us across Greenland too. We’ll be brief, but below are the 2 things we love the most – aside from the delicious taste of course…

Made with the environment in mind
With no palm oil and vegan/veggie options available (like the posh baked beans which are my favourite – see links below) Firepot are by far the best zero impact option we’ve found in this space. What’s more you can order your meals in compostable bags too!

Just look at the ingredients:
Firepot is made from 100 percent natural products and the flavour really shows as a result. 

In short we at ZIA are proud to be #fuelledbyfirepot !!

#fuelledbyfirepot - and running up those hills in Norway!

How to clean your tent and sleeping bag

How to clean your tent and sleeping bag

Ok so even worse than dirty climbing gear (see one of our other posts) has to be a smelly tent or smelly sleeping bag – it’s literally where you sleep for heaven’s sake!

Anyhow I’ve let mine get far too smelly time and again because how to wash them has remained a mystery and the last thing you want to do is damage your kit by washing it.

Putting these things in the wash has always remained a bit of a mystery but this video below lays out as clearly as possible how to put both in the washing machine without causing any harm.

Remember: NO DETERGENT!!!!

If you’ve got any cleaning tips of your own please let us know!

If ZIA ever makes money we want to be like these guys:

If ZIA ever makes money we want to be like these guys:

Patagonia is now in the business of saving the planet. Read the amazing interview with Patagonia’s founder, Yvon Chouinard below explaining their ethos.

These photos make us want t go climbing…

Full interview: “Patagonia is in business to save our home planet”

It should come as no surprise to many people reading this just how good Patagonia are in this space – we’ve just listed them here as buying kit from them means you can have peace of mind that you’re money is going to a good place and on ethically sourced equipment.

Check out their site – they make some awesome gear for sure and the way they do it is truly inspiring.

It’s got us at ZIA wondering how we can all leverage what we do at work to achieve more – if you’ve got any stories on this front please let us know, we’re still left scratching our heads on this one!