Carbon Footprint?

Have you ever wondered how much carbon that adventure trip to Europe cost? 

Or which companies adventure companies help tackle climate change?

Carbon cost is important and our app helps to calculate your impact on the environment and gives guidance on how to live a more environmentally friendly life. Through adventure and travel we can find new and exciting ways to create a better future!

Zero Impact Living

Everyone of us has a tiny effect on climate change each and every day. But do you know how big it is exactly? Using our app you can track your climate impacts, and see how all the small choices we make can be adjusted for more sustainable living. It provides personalised tips to save money while reducing environmental impact. It also gives advice on the best carbon-offsetting projects that help the planet and those who are less fortunate around the world.

Baby steps = Big Change

Using information about yourself which you choose to share with the app we can tailor specific tips to help you to reduce your footprint. We don't believe in drastic measures, and we certainly don't expect everyone to go and live off-grid in a cave. But we wish to show that through small steps we can make a big difference to the planet and that little things quickly add up.